What Is Dollar Bin Darts?

Dollar Bin Darts is my take on the iconic "Rhythm Roulette" series by Mass Appeal. I loved the unpredictable creativity that struck as some of my favorite producers crafted beats from random records. I wanted to push myself but would have felt like a moron walking around with a blindfold alone so I created my own version called "Dollar Bin Darts."

Here's how it works:

  1. I am relegated to the clearance section of the record store, and I have to randomly pick 3 records
  2. I take those records home and throw 1 dart for each record at a dart board
  3. The sections of the dart board align with samples that I have to use from EACH record
    1. Bass
    2. Drums
    3. Melodic element
    4. Free space (use anything from the record)
  4. Make the beat

If you want to see all episodes at once, check out my YouTube playlist. Otherwise I'll upload each one individually here along with the final beat for download.

Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration for your own music!

    Episode 1: "Dream Maker" (Chet Atkins, Teresa Brewer, Sandy Bull)

    Episode 2: "Bartered Brides" (Bobby Goldsboro, Great Entertainers, Friedrich Smetana)

    Episode 3: "Ivory Tickler" (Rita Coolidge, Peter Nero, Georg Solti)